Penelope's Corner Boutique

Searching for the Perfect Wardrobe Addition?

Searching for the Perfect Wardrobe Addition?

Find it at Penelope's Corner Boutique in Henderson or Madisonville, KY or Princeton, IN

You're looking for a new top, dress or jacket, but you're not looking for fast fashion or fads that will be played out in a month. You're searching for high-end vintage or handmade clothes that you'll love for years.

You can find exactly what you want at Penelope's Corner Boutique at Finders Keepers. Our boutique showcases women's and children's apparel in Henderson and Madisonville, KY, as well as in Princeton, IN. Visit one of our stores today to find the perfect piece for your wardrobe.

Find out more about our affordable clothes for kids

It's not always easy to find adorable and affordable children's clothing, especially when your kids are growing quickly. That's where Penelope's Corner Boutique comes in.

We sell children's clothes for fractions of their original prices, often reducing them from prices like $50 to an affordable $20. Bring your kids to our local boutique now to find affordable children's clothing. They'll find their new favorite clothes, and you'll pay your favorite prices.